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humanitarian services helping the elderly

My elderly neighbor didn't seem to have any family around. I would help her anyway that I could, but there were several things that I was unable to do for her. Her home was not in the best shape and I watched as she struggled to make it up the front stairs to get inside her home. I knew I had to do something more to help her, so I contacted the local humanitarian service. I talked with them about my neighbor and told them about the difficulties she was having. They were wonderful! To find out about what they did to help my sweet elderly neighbor, visit my site.


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humanitarian services helping the elderly

Have You Always Wanted to Travel to India but Couldn't Afford It? Get a Job as an English Teacher

by Bill Beck

Traveling overseas is expensive. When you have to pay for airfare, lodging, food and any entertainment you may want to get involved in, you may not be able to afford to go for even a week. If you are really interested in seeing the country and taking in some of the culture it will take much longer than a week. One way to achieve the dream of experiencing India is to get a job teaching English there. It is probably a lot easier than you thought.

Education Requirements

The education requirements for teaching English in India vary depending on the company you will be working for. Some companies require a Bachelor's degree, some require only a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language, and some do not have any educational requirements as long as English is your native language.

Specialized Areas

If you do  have a college degree, such as one in business, a medical field or law, you can apply to teach adults who are in this field and need to learn more English to be able to work with English speaking companies.


You will need to obtain an employment visa to India. In order to get this, you need to have an appointment letter from the company. The letter must show who you will be working for, for how long, and that you will be making more than $25,000 USD a year. The application must also include your permanent U.S. residential address, your resume and a letter from the company stating why your services are needed in India.

The Ability to Speak Hindi

You do not need to be able to speak, read or write Hindi or any of the other languages used in India. Actually, if you do speak your students' language, it is easy to slip into it during the class. This takes away from them hearing how English is pronounced and used. It is much more valuable for them to hear you speaking English only. Many people in India already speak some English; they need to learn proper pronunciation.

If you are seriously considering or wanting to travel to India, what better way to get involved with the community and culture than to teach the people your language? In return, you will meet many natives and how they live. Teaching English in India will be a life experience you will cherish and pass down to your children.