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My elderly neighbor didn't seem to have any family around. I would help her anyway that I could, but there were several things that I was unable to do for her. Her home was not in the best shape and I watched as she struggled to make it up the front stairs to get inside her home. I knew I had to do something more to help her, so I contacted the local humanitarian service. I talked with them about my neighbor and told them about the difficulties she was having. They were wonderful! To find out about what they did to help my sweet elderly neighbor, visit my site.


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humanitarian services helping the elderly

Why Donate To A Housing Assistance Nonprofit Donation Campaign?

by Bill Beck

Housing is a basic human need. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to house themselves. Poverty is a leading cause of homelessness, and financial aid can help people find the living accommodations they need. Nonprofit housing assistance services do important work by striving to ensure that everyone can have a safe and affordable place to live. You can assist housing assistance campaigns in your area by contributing financially. Here are some reasons to donate to a nonprofit housing assistance donation campaign:

1. Ensure that people have adequate shelter from harsh weather conditions.

Homelessness is a problem for many reasons, but one of the biggest dangers that unhoused people face is severe weather. In winter, cold temperatures can kill people through hypothermia. Heatstroke can overcome people in the summer with similarly disastrous consequences. Additionally, hurricanes and other storms can cause injuries and loss of life. Housing assistance organizations strive to get people in homes so they will be safe against severe weather.

2. Help families stay together.

Homelessness can also have devastating consequences on families. Parents who are unable to provide housing for their kids are likely to have their kids taken away and placed into foster care. While foster parents do their best to care for children, it's always better for families to stay together. Some housing assistance programs focus on getting families with small children into homes. Housing assistance can make an enormous difference in the lives of families, and your financial contributions can make it possible.

3. Combat homelessness in your area.

Homelessness is a problem in cities all around the world, but some areas experience a more pronounced homelessness problem than others. If you're concerned about the number of homeless people you see in your community, you can take direct action to help by making a donation. Many nonprofit housing assistance programs work in the cities where they're based. Making a financial contribution to a local organization can help you reduce homelessness in your city.

4. Make your neighborhood a safer place.

Housing assistance programs can make your neighborhood an overall safer place. Poverty can contribute to the rise of many crimes, such as theft and drug use. Solving the homeless problem in your neighborhood is a step in the right direction. When people have everything they need, it's easier for communities to come together. If you'd like to protect the place where you live and make it a better place, you can donate to a nonprofit housing assistance service near you, such as Family Care Housing Development.