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humanitarian services helping the elderly

My elderly neighbor didn't seem to have any family around. I would help her anyway that I could, but there were several things that I was unable to do for her. Her home was not in the best shape and I watched as she struggled to make it up the front stairs to get inside her home. I knew I had to do something more to help her, so I contacted the local humanitarian service. I talked with them about my neighbor and told them about the difficulties she was having. They were wonderful! To find out about what they did to help my sweet elderly neighbor, visit my site.


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humanitarian services helping the elderly


Hunger Heroes: Charities Making A Difference One Meal At A Time

Hunger is one of the most pressing issues today, with millions of people not having enough food to sustain themselves. While governments and public institutions have a responsibility to address the issue, charities and non-profits also have a crucial role to play in ensuring that people have access to the food they need to survive and thrive. This article highlights how charities around the world are working to combat hunger and make a difference in people's lives.

Helping Support Your Local Food Pantry

Your local food pantry helps to alleviate food insecurity in your community. However, many individuals may not be aware of the funding needs and sources of these organizations or how they can help them.  Individuals May Overestimate The Government Support Local Food Pantries Receive While food pantries will often receive some support and funding from the government, individuals may overestimate the amount of support this provides. Rather, the majority of the support that these charitable organizations receive is from the goodwill of their supporters and the local community.