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     Updated Aug 25, 2013
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It's a sad fact that most men have no idea how to control women. When it comes to making a woman obey, most men haven't got a clue what to do or how to go about it.

As a result men have resigned themselves to being controlled by women. We've just accepted being manipulated as the price we have to pay in order to get laid.


Why Put Up With All the Cruel Abuse - When You Don't Have To?

If you're tired of being lied to and manipulated by scheming women - keep reading. This information changed my life and it can change your life too!

Are you tired of women manipulating and abusing you by:

- Rejecting You and Making You Feel Depressed and Frustrated?

- Forcing You to Beg for Sex Like a Dog Begging for a Bone?

- Getting You to Spend Your Hard-Earned Money on Concert Tickets?

- Making You Take Them to Expensive Restaurants?

- Tempting You with Sex - When They Know They'll Never Deliver?

- Standing You Up on Dates?

- Stringing You Along by Promising You Sex in Order to Get Gifts?

- Quickly Abandoning You When They Find a Richer Guy?

- Using a Fake Pregnancy in Order to Get Money From You?

Let's face it - women have been taking advantage of men for ages. We've gotten so used to being lied to and manipulated that we've adapted to it - we've come to expect that women will use sex as a lure to get whatever they want from us! Most men just accept the power women have over them and accept the cruel and vicious games women play as their fate.

Two can play at this game! It's often said that "All's fair in love and war!" Well, now it's time to turn the tables on the ladies and give them a dose of their own medicine.

Men can be easily manipulated by women. That's a fact we all know all too well. All a female has to do is hint that if we do everything they say - if we take them where they want to go and pay all the bills - if we buy them the gifts they demand - they just might allow us to have a little sex now and then. But only if they're in the mood.

But in too many cases after we jump through all their hoops like some trained circus animal - they walk away and act like they never knew us! Or they drop us like a hot potato when a richer guy comes along.

Here's the REALLY BIG Secret:

When two people meet and find each other attractive, in most cases the man just assumes that he's going to have to "win" the attention and affection of the woman so starts to "chase" her. He'll offer dates, gifts, tickets to events maybe even trips.

But psychiatrists working in the new field of evolutionary psychology recently discovered a surprising fact. Over six million years of evolution women have been programmed to chase men for sex! That's right - we men just assume that we're the ones who have to do the pursuing but women want to chase men too!

If you know how, you can get a woman to regard you as a challenge! She'll take up the challenge knowing that she's going to have to work long and hard to win you and keep you in a relationship. And that puts you in the driver's seat - in full control of the relationship. She'll have to cater to your whims if she's to have any real chance of winning your affections.

Sadly very few men know this and even fewer men know how to take full advantage of this evolutionary conditioning. Those that know the secrets, can turn the tables and make any woman they meet chase them!

Think back. Chances are you've known several ladies in the past who became totally obsessed with one guy. I've known women who traveled back and forth across the country in search of their special man.

Others stalk men and follow them around as if they were a little puppy dog! And in some cases women have actually committed suicide because they couldn't have sex with the man they most desired! The psychological drive to chase men for sex is deeply embedded in their very being. Watch the Jerry Springer show and you'll see tons of sexy young women fighting furiously over ugly guys who are total losers! They can't help themselves!

You Can Get Women to Chase You For Sex - IF YOU KNOW HOW!

I was once in a bar where I saw two women fight over a guy. They screamed, kicked and attacked each other's faces with their long fingernails as if they were claws! They fought like animals! It was amazing to watch! They were both fighting furiously over the affection of some dumpy looking bald guy.

But since very few men understand this deep impulse in women, they go on being some woman's lap dog, wrapped around her little finger, eager to do whatever she says.

Fact is, when two people meet after a little conversation the chase is on. Someone is going to do the chasing while the other party is going to become the challenge.

Important Tip: You Always Want to be the Challenge for Her, Not the Other Way Around. It's That Simple. When She is busy chasing you, you're in complete control of the entire relationship!

Only one of you will end up being pursued and whoever that is - will be in total control of the entire relationship - no matter if it only lasts a few hours or a few decades. Always remember - The chaser surrenders all their power the moment they take up the challenge of the chase.

The Chaser Becomes the Slave of the Chased!!!

But who is going to end up in the pursuer role is the key question. If a man presents himself as a challenge in the right way, the woman will immediately know she is going to have to work long and hard if she is to have any chance of getting this man into bed.

She'll find such a man an usually exciting challenge, a highly desirable sexual target and refreshing change from all the other desperate and sexually needy men that are always falling at her feet begging for attention an sex.  

If You Know How to Get Her to See You as a Tempting Sexual Challenge - You'll Soon Have Her Eating Out of the Palm of Your Hand!

I'll show you exactly how the most beautiful young women think and precisely what makes a woman take up the challenge and go after a man.

And most importantly - I'll show you the 3 stupid mistakes all men make that instantly signal the woman that they are desperate and needy idiots she can easily train as her new lap dog. Make any one of these mistakes and she'll instantly know that she can manipulate you and control you in any way she pleases.

Learn how to:

- Get Women to Chase You - Won't That Be a Nice Change?

- Get a Woman to Reveal her Deepest Sexual Fantasies and Desires

- Play Hard to Get to Take Control of a Woman

- How to Turn a Woman Into Your Very Own Sex Slave

- Use the 12 Games Women Play to Take Control of Them

- Use Rewards and Punishments to Make Her Do What You Want

- Use a Psychological CIA Control Secret

- Shape and Control the Decisions Your Woman Makes

- How to Easily Identify the Most Easily Controlled Sluts in Any Crowd

- Why You Should NEVER Buy a Woman a Drink - That's a Big Mistake!

- If She Says "I Don't Know You Well Enough to Have Sex" - Why You Should ALWAYS AGREE WITH HER! Use This Clever Trick and You'll Soon Have All the Hot Sex You Can Handle!

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- The Incredibly Clever Restaurant Trick that Will Deeply Impress ANY Woman - Even the Most Sophisticated - I Guarantee It!

- How to Find Submissive Young Women Who are Looking for Older Men to Please Sexually - It's called the "Daddy Dom" Syndrome.

-  Why Giving a Woman a Gift of a Cell Phone Can Put You in Complete Control of Your Relationship!

Now it's Your Turn to Take Control of Women! It's EASY - If You Know How!

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Worse, if you told anyone what she said her reputation could be completely destroyed. She could come to be labeled a sick pervert. Labels like that are very hard to shake.

But I have a secret method that very few men know about yet it works like magic. I've discovered a quick and easy method for getting any woman to spill the beans and reveal everything about their most secret sexual longings.

She'll open the floodgates and reveal everything - as she's never done before! Even her most hidden fantasies will be fully and completely exposed.

And here's the best part - after she's revealed everything, she'll be so excited and turned on she'll be willing, even eager to explore each fantasy with you! And what could be better then that?

And even better - this sharing of her sexual fantasies will create a link between the two of you that she will find very hard to break and that gives you the upper hand in the relationship. You will be in control for a change. Won't that feel good?

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Women play so many games on men but I'll show you exactly how to handle their games like a pro. You'll know how to turn the tables and use their tactics against them. In no time you'll be in complete control! They'll never know what hit them!

PROVEN FACT: Because most women didn't have perfect childhoods, most were verbally, physically and even sexually abused. This caused women to have deep insecurities about their bodies and their attractiveness to men. Any man who understands this can use a woman's insecurities to take control and manipulate her behavior in any way he chooses.

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Now you can get the upper hand in any kind of sexual relationship, you'll hold all the cards and have complete control over her behavior.


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